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Aloe vera biologique de Bali Botanical name: Aloe barbadensis
Aloe vera gel has extraordinary virtues on the skin because of its composition in vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, polysaccharides and amino acids.
Originally from North Africa, this plant is used in cosmetics since 5000 years for its moisturizing, smoothing and protective benefits. This plant was already in the oldest medicine book for its many medicinal and cosmetic activities.
Recently, cosmetic industries have discovered additional benefits of aloe vera:
- Stimulation of collagen production
- Treatment of burns
- Reduction of inflammation process
- Acceleration of skin healing
- Contribution to metabolism, which help to fight against skin-aging.

We use exceptionally high quality Aloe vera extract. It is obtained from fresh juice of Aloe vera leaves organically grown in Bali. The rich volcanic soil of the island of gods brings to the gel an exceptional concentration of nourishing, moisturizing and healing compounds. The content of aloeverosine (substance most active leaf Aloe vera) is far superior to most of Aloe vera gel products in the world.

Composition du gel d'aloe barbadensis miller Aloe vera cosmetic benefits:
Aloe vera gel is itself a complete treatment, as it moisturises, nourishes and protects the skin. It provides the skin with vitamins and trace elements essential to its beauty. It smoothes inflammation, relieves irritation and stimulates the microcirculation, which helps to heal skin and gives it its smoothing activity.

It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and its tensor and rejuvenating effects make aloe vera the perfect ingredients to fight against skin anti-aging.

Aloe vera gel is very easily absorbed and creates the skin surface a protective film. It also has a purifying and antibacterial activity.

Aloe vera is ideal for the skin care of mature skin, wrinkled, devitalized, dull or dehydrated. It is also recommended for irritated skin, sensitive, and after sunburn and minor burns.

Miel liquide Bees from the flower nectar produce honey. They collect and store honey in the cells of the hive.
Honey has been used since antiquity to cure and beautify the skin. It contains mainly carbohydrates which give its exceptional ability to maintain hydration in the skin and hair.
Honey contains many vitamins, minerals which nourish the skin deep. It also contains several ingredients that give it a natural antibiotic activity.

Honey major biochemical constituents:
- Carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose ...)
- Protein, and free amino acids (glutamic acid, alanine, leucine, lysine, cystine, glycine, histidine ...)
- Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)
- Inhibins: natural antibiotics factors

Honey cosmetic benefits:
Honey promotes skin hydration, accelerates healing and skin regeneration. It softens the skin, fight against inflammation and prevents bacteria growth. It is perfect for purifying, protective and anti-aging skin care, and to soften and moisturize sensitive or assaulted skin.
It is also perfect dry or lifeless hair.

Naturasie products with honey:

INCI name: Glycerin
Glycerin is a natural compound obtained from the saponification of vegetable oils.

Glycerine cosmetic benefits:
Glycerin softens and relaxes the skin, protects skin and hair from dehydration. Its hygroscopic effect, retains water in the skin and prevents drying out. It is also an excellent emollient and skin softener. Glycerin has an antiseptic component.
It is All skin types, especially dry and sensitive skins.