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The use of natural ingredients, respect of the skin and the environment are our priorities.

We bring you all the benefits of ingrediants drawn from the heart of the plant kingdom in innovative treatments for skin and hair, to combine beauty and well-being in efficient care products that is tolerated by all skin types, even the most delicate. And give creamy and light texture to get a real relaxing and exotic sensation.
A perpetual quest for innovation in terms of row material, but also in terms of quality and transparency, to give you an optimal comfort and safety, are the essence of our philosophy.

The Quality
Concept, formulation, packaging and production are made in compliance with good practices and international standards.
All natural extracts are carefully controlled and selected for their purity, their active ingredients wealth and effectiveness. Each formula is developed to optimize the beneficial activity of various plant extracts to regenerate, moisturize, protect and beautify your skin.

The use of synthetic products is limited in favor of the natural resources available locally; we can offer you the guarantee of a high standard for comfort and optimum safety.

"Fair trade - No animal testing - Respect our planet"
Fair trade - No animal testing - Respect our planet NATURASIE « moved to Indonesia to be closer to natural resources. This allows us to buy raw materials directly from local communities, committing ourselves to buy at a fair price. Buying directly, without going through an intermediary, allowing local farmers to get sufficient income to feed their families. We choose our partners and suppliers based on the quality of them products, but also on social criteria.

Another reason has prompted us to establish in Indonesia is the proximity of natural resources that allow us to avoid costly and pollutants transportation of raw materials.
Since we started, we minimize the use of chemical compounds and we completely exclude the use of polluting materials or processes in order to preserve our environment and protect the Indonesian archipelago, in order to pass future generations a healthy planet.

For ethical reasons, none of our products are tested on animals.